UBC Theatre

Performed in the Dorothy Sommerset Studio
Nov 28th- Dec 1st 2019

Director: Sloan Thompson

Scenic Designer: Darci Carrier

Lighting Designer: Mashid Maleki

Sound Designer: Yuqing Nie

Costume Designer: Vanessa Tang

Stage Manager: Thea Liu

Photography: Niko Bell


Monica Bowman

Aidan LeBlanc

Follows the lives of Tony and Juliet, two New Yorkers caught up in the sexual wave of the early 1980s. Provocative and insightful (with a healthy dose of twisted humor) this play takes us into the world of addiction during the height of the AIDS epidemic. Over the course of two different meetings, Tony and Juliet struggle to find a tenuous balance between freedom and control, ecstasy and love, in their desperate search for what every person craves: a genuine human connection.